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Is it possible to witness the cremation or be present during the cremation?

Yes. We have a comfortable, private viewing room connected to our crematory. The viewing room has a window that gives family members or friends the ability to witness their loved one being placed into the cremation chamber. The cremation chamber itself (also known as the retort) does not have windows… Read More

What kind of container houses the cremated remains?

A: Regulations only require a bag or box, but Monarch Cremation offers a variety of beautiful and affordable urns. Read More

What do the cremated remains look like?

A: Cremated remains resemble coarse sand. They range in color from white to gray. The remains weigh between four and eight pounds. Read More

What happens after cremation?

A: At the end of the cremation process, what remains are bone fragments. These bone fragments are then processed to a consistent size and placed into a temporary or permanent urn. Read More

How long does cremation take?

A: Depending on weight, cremation takes from two to three hours. Read More

What is cremation?

A: Cremation is simply a process of reducing the human body to particles and bone fragments using high heat and flame. It is not the final disposition of the remains, nor is it a type of funeral service. Read More