If you’re wondering who offers the most affordable crematory services in the Jefferson County area, look no further. Let Monarch Cremation be your answer. Whether you are preplanning or in immediate need, Monarch Cremation is the best and most trusted option in all of Jefferson County. We have worked with countless families over the years, and our experience and quality are unmatched. No matter what your needs are, we will go above and beyond to fulfill them.

The Convenience of Online Planning

At Monarch Cremation, we offer packages of excellent, yet affordable crematory services, all from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to worry about meeting with a funeral director or visiting a funeral home, which can cut costs down exponentially. However, if you want a more traditional funeral with options of cremation, we know just how to help you with that as well. Monarch Cremation loves to serve the community of Jefferson County and would love to help you figure out just how to navigate this difficult time.

What are the benefits of cremation?

Unlike with traditional burial and a funeral, which must occur quickly following a death, there is no rush to schedule a memorial with the affordable crematory services. You can take your time and plan the tribute for your loved one when and where you want. In this way, simple cremation gives you far more options. You also have far more options for a final resting place. If you would like a permanent marker, you can place the urn in a mausoleum. Many people choose to scatter the ashes in a place that held meaning for their loved one. Examples include scattering on private property, in a beautiful scenic destination (although you need to check the laws of the area first), or even a body of water.

Contact Us

There is a reason why Jefferson County families trust Monarch Cremation above all others. Contact us at (314) 838-9100 to find out more about why you should trust us with planning your crematory services. We want to be a light for your family in the darkness of the passing of a loved one. Reach out to us day or night.