We know that many people in the Affton area who are planning a cremation do not want to speak with a funeral director or go into a funeral home. They want a trustworthy option, where the planning can take place on their schedule. That’s why Monarch Cremation offers affordable cremation online. Once the online planning process is complete, we take care of everything else so that you can focus on healing from your loss.

What is direct cremation and what are the benefits?

Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable cremation option. It means that the cremation occurs in the days immediately after your loved one passes away, without a visitation or funeral beforehand.

Unlike with traditional burial and a funeral, which must occur quickly following a death, there is no rush to schedule a memorial service with a cremation. You can take your time and plan the memorial when and where you want. In this way, direct cremation gives you far more options. And because you planned an affordable cremation with Monarch Cremation, you can use the money you saved to plan a service or celebration of life that will help your family and friends in the grieving process.

Why plan an affordable cremation with Monarch Cremation?

For years, Monarch Cremation has provided affordable cremation services that our neighbors and friends can trust. We understand that this process is difficult and there are many specifics that must be covered. Our knowledgeable staff is available if you have any questions and can guide you through each step to leave you with the least amount of worry possible.

Contact us

If you are located in the Afton area and have experienced a loss, please begin the planning process online. You can also contact Monarch Cremation at (314) 838-9100. Our staff is available 24/7 for help. We want to take care of your family during life’s hardest times.